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Roger Shields

Roger Shields spent many years living in Santa Cruz.

He has been painting all his life. These pieces are done from photographs he has taken when visiting his sister Beth in Santa Cruz and reflect his love for the area. Contact the gallery directly with any inquiries at


Starr Davis

 “Pictures have a double reality-objects in their own right and representing quite different objects in a different space and time.”

    -Richard Gregory,

British psychologist 


My artmaking has been about discovering beauty. I  work in painting, clay sculpture, and a new form of printmaking, clay mono prints. In clay monotypes, I overlay textures creating a lively surface.


I look for visual connections: 

concentric  ripples of water relate to growth ridges on the mussel shell;  branching veins on an iris petal morph down into a waterfall;  the pages of a fat open book are like arching bird wings. 


I have been an art teacher, art curator in Alaska and written 2 art books. 


See my web site:

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